Light Up The Dancefloor

FugaBop is a free app to brighten up nights out, parties and gigs.

Wave your phone and it will light up in your chosen colors, synchronised with any other FugaBop users around you. Different movements will light up the phone in different colors:

  • Moving the phone quickly from one side to another
  • Shaking the phone
  • Sweeping the phone slowly left and right in an arc

FugaBop allows a group of friends to dance with the same colors flashing on their phones on a night out, or an entire audience at a gig to have the same colors flashing on their phones.

The app does not need to be connected to WiFi or a mobile network – it uses Bluetooth to connect directly to other phones.

App Tour


Shake your phone: the screen will flash in your chosen colors


Move your phone in time to the music: the changes in direction will light up the screen


Sweep your phone slowly in an arc: the screen will fade through your chosen colors

How Can We Help?

If you have a problem with the app the best way to report it is to run the app until the problem appears and then press the menu button (top left) and select the Report A Problem option.

This sends us the logfiles from the app which will help us solve your problem faster. It also saves us asking you lots of tedious questions about what make of phone you have etc.

If you can’t use that option in the app then contact us on [email protected]

If you have any other suggestions of feedback please contact us on [email protected]